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Our Criteria for writing and submitting

Acceptable Topics:
Web design, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, entrepreneurship, automation, and related topics.
Minimum 2,000 words
You will be permited one do-follow backlink to a relevant site. You should also add atleast one an internal link to one of our other posts. All other backlinks are up to our descrition whether we will accept them or not and they will be no-follow. All outbound links should be helpful and we prefer these links to be connected to resources, studies, or data driven information.
Style Guide:
Use H2 for subheads
Use H3 for sub-sub headings

Use bulleted lists when possible
Ensure the use of images, GIFs, or videos to illustrate your message, do not submit an article without helpful images attached.

Things To Avoid:
Ensure that your article isn’t overly self promotional. Although you may place a contextual backliunk to your company’s website please do not make the post centered around you. The article should be informative and helpful to our audience. We serve our audience not you, if your article is not helpful to our audience we will not post.
Instant Disqualification:

If you place any affiliate links whatsoever your blog post will be dismissed. If your post is found to be plaigerized we will dismiss your post and you will NEVER be allowed to post on 180sites.com again. If you link to any other web design agencies your post will be declined.

You must send us a Google doc to the email address that we reach out to you from once you are accepted as a content contributor of 180 Sites.

Author Bio:
We do not permit author bios at this time

Please Note:
We reserve the right to edit your guest post in any way we see fit. Once your guest post is live, you may share an excerpt on your website with a contextual do-follow backlink to the original source on 180sites.com. You may share the live post from 180sites freely, you may not however post the content anywhere else on the internet.

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