SMS Lead Notifications

Get dual notifications Via email and text message alerts

How your leads will be recieved

All of our clients will receive their leads via email, and we will reach out to you to set up SMS notifications, so nothing is ever missed. We believe your leads are too important to not have redundancies in place.

SMS Lead Notification Questions

No, SMS notifications are free for all packages deluxe and up. We will reach out to you to set up the notifications, you will be responsible for verifying your phone number with our system by sending us a code to authenticate the SMS program. There is no monthly cost whatsoever for this service.

Your website only exists to get you leads, otherwise whats the point. Sometimes email can fail or more often it can lag to notify you, unless you manually refresh your mailbox. This isn’t condusive to you closing more leads effeciently. We don’t want to just get you the most amount of leads possible, but we also want to help you close those leads. The faster you can respond to a lead will dramtically increase your likelihood of converting your warm lead into a rock solid, paying customer! So, how we help you do this is by not just emailing you the lead info but also sending you a text message, and in many cases also importing the lead data into your CRM for you. That way you can close leads faster. Here’s how your experience will be. You’ll see your SMS notification, immediately click the number within in it to call your potential customer, while its ringing you can open up your CRM and the prospect data will already be there, then you can collect more info if you need on your sales call and schedule them right then and there, with no delays. Another important thing to think about is if you have email failure! If you’re using your own professional email provider and some setting gets changed or your card on file expires, you are not beholden to your mailbox alone to facilitate your business anymore. There have been many cases where our clients have informed us that they recieved their SMS but not their emal, then we can go in and help them figure out whats wrong with their mailbox. SMS notifications are a must for any small business.