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How 180 Sites Helps Your Business

Better Design

Design is everything when it comes to your website, and you want visitors on your site not only to be impressed with what they see but be certain that you are the best company for them to use. Our designs will perfectly portray just that!

Better ROI

Who doesn’t want a better return on investment? By using us, you will start getting a return on your website investment before you’ve even finished paying it off. We can help you earn more and pay less for your business needs.

Better Pricing

We understand that no one wants to pay for services that they won’t ever need. Knowing this, we have created plans that can be tailored to you specifically and help save you money. What’s more, we also have zero sign-up fees!

Why Use Our Los Angeles Web Design?

Having a website that stands out, attracts customers, and earns you more business is essential to any company owner. However, ticking all of these boxes isn’t easy for most people to do. If you have ever attempted to create a site yourself, we do not doubt that it probably ended in frustration. On the other hand, hiring a design company doesn’t always guarantee you the results you want. So, before you waste any more time, money, or effort on DIY sites or unprofessional companies, get in touch with our Web Design in Los Angeles CA, and experience the kind of service and product that you were dreaming of all along. Together, we can create your perfect website and transform your business.

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Benefits You'll Love With Our Los Angeles Web Design

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Better Leads

Since conversion will be your primary focus, it will be for us as well. When we are creating your website, we will implement various design techniques and strategies to give your potential customers a great experience and convert their visits into sales.

Brilliant Design

You want to stand out, and we want to help you do just that! With quite literally millions of websites on the Internet, it's not always easy for people to attract attention, but with 180 Sites Web Design in Los Angeles CA, you will!

Kickstart SEO

We implement various SEO strategies on every site we create to give you the best chance of success by structuring your site's build around your chosen keywords. The keywords will be formulated throughout your site with heading tags, title tags, key images, meta descriptions, and image compressions.

Hassle Free

With your website safely in our hands, you won't ever have to worry or think about any of the maintenance, updates, or troubleshooting the comes with hosting a site because our Los Angeles CA Web Design company takes care of everything.

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We are here FOR YOU

I created 180 Sites to help businesses out with their sometimes overwhelming list of needs. My goal is to do everything I can to help you succeed. Gaining attention online can be a real struggle, and when you are in that situation, you can easily waste endless amounts of time and a lot of money trying to make your company work online. Our services give you back your time, save you money, and get you noticed!

Ryan Golgosky - CEO

Los Angeles Web Design FAQs

Our standard pricing for our 24-month contract is $150 a month. That’s all. At 180 Sites, there are no extra fees after sign up or unexpected hidden costs further down the road. We will always be completely upfront about any and all costs involved in your project. To sign up for our Los Angeles CA Web Design, you will have to pay the first month upfront via a credit card. This payment will be processed through PayPal for your security.

On average, we should have your website ready to go approximately four weeks after we have received all of the necessary information from you. Your company’s specifications, such as images, your logo, and other vital branding details, are needed before we can get to work on your site. We know that the quicker your site is launched, the faster you can make sales. However, even though we always want to deliver your website as quickly as possible, we also never want to compromise on the quality of work that we provide. Therefore, you can be assured that even when we deliver our work faster than the approximated timeline, we only provide high-quality projects, with strictly no corner-cutting. Also, please bear in mind that if your site includes any extra add-ons or services, this may extend the length of time it takes to complete your project.

At 180 Sites, our customers’ satisfaction is always our number one priority. As such, we have several procedures in place in order for us to deliver exactly the results you want. Initially, we ask you to provide three other websites that you like the look of. This helps us know what style and design you want – you can also include specific notes about colors and fonts for your own site. With all this information, we will be able to create a website that is designed for your requirements and preferences. Of course, there still may be times where we don’t get it exactly right with our first delivery. However, if this is the case, we want you to send it back with your critiques, opinions, and requests, and don’t hold back! We encourage you to be both blunt and picky so we can make the necessary changes and leave you with your perfected website. To ensure that none of our clients are ever unhappy, we provide unlimited revisions, so we won’t stop until you are over the moon with the final result.

Yes! First and foremost, we use a WordPress foundation for all of the websites that we create, thus allowing us to get genuine optimization. After this, we give all of our clients’ sites the best start by implementing various relevant SEO strategies, such as using keyword-rich content, title tagging, heading tags, URL structures, and of course, meta descriptions. Further optimization will include cropping and compressing images and tagging the title and URL with your main and ancillary keywords. Furthermore, we will index your site to Google, create an XML site map, keep your site running at high speeds, and keep it secure with SSL certificates – all of these things are crucial for getting the best results possible from the SEO strategies.

Absolutely! The moment you pay off the full term of your website contract with us, the website is entirely yours – none of our clients are ever obligated to continue using our services in order to have possession of their website. While it is the case that we never make any client feel like they are obligated to stick with us, our Los Angeles CA Web Design company has more options available for you. If you want 180 Sites to carry on hosting, managing, and maintaining your site, rather than taking this on yourself, then you can sign up for our ongoing care plan.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We know trying a new service can be scary. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with our work we’ll gladly refund you every penny!


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